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Youth Pastor and Family
Jesse & Melody Cox with their children.

Youth Pastor Jesse Cox & Family

 I’m Jesse Cox, Youth Pastor of dominion Christian Center of Fayetteville. I’m extremely blessed to be joined by my best friend and love of my life Melody Cox. Next to the Lord, she is my rock to lean on in this crazy world. The Lord has blessed us with three awesome boys. Devon, whom is our oldest, followed by our twin boys Colby & Corey.
While growing up as a young man & participating in a youth group, I began to realize the love, passion, and desire God was instilling in me for the youth of our nation. After years of being a part of youth leadership, God spoke loudly & planted me, in the year of 2011, as Youth Pastor for dominion Christian Center. We live in a society today that instead of promoting Christ as our Lord and Savior, he is taken away! I feel a responsibility to help in discipling our young people to not be afraid of Christ, but to be examples of Christ in Speech, in Life, in Love, in Faith, and in Purity as in 1 Timothy 4:12. I know that by teaching God’s word in truth, I can help equip them for everyday life.